Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge – Bigger than Ben Hur

Earlier this year Dale Foshe of Dogwood Photography (a wedding photography studio in Wilmington, North Carolina) launched the Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge.

It is designed to be a personal journey, rather than a competition. Dale has provided a list of 52 themes, focusing on portraits, landscapes and artistic impression, on the basis that you take one photo per week and upload it into the weekly album in the Dogwood.52 Facebook Group.

Dale also teaches photography and has used this challenge for his students previously. When launching this challenge online and creating the Facebook group he believed he may get a few hundred people into the challenge. Within the first week there were many thousands in the group with it recently approaching 10,000 and still growing.

The challenge has attracted a wide range of photographers, from professionals to amateurs to beginners. It has also created it’s own headaches for the organisers as they have had to manage a much larger Facebook group than expected and all the issues that come with such a large group. They have handled it very well so far and have created a second group called the Dogwood Photography Chatter group and moved all the commentary (and bitching and complaining about CC’s and lack of ‘Likes’) leaving just the weekly photos in the main group.

So far there have been some amazing images submitted and some not so amazing. But that is what makes this such a great thing to be involved in. The diversity and range of standards is a great reminder of what we all have been through in our own photographic journey. Whether you are shooting with an iPhone or a full-frame DSLR, its your own personal journey, a way to keep shooting and a way to be involved in a group that will stimulate and drive your passion. If you decide to do the Dogwood 52 Week Photography challenge (as I have done), then good luck and happy shooting.


The theme for week 3 is red. My image for that week is above. I shot this at 6am in the morning which allowed for the beautiful subtle pastel colours of pre-sunrise.

You can join the challenge at any time and submit photos whenever it’s convenient. This is your own personal journey on your own timeframe.

All the details about the challenge can be found here on the Dogwood Photography website.

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