Street Photography. An invasion of privacy?

i was just reading an article on Peta Pixel about a law that is about to be passed in Arkansas in the US that will almost outlaw street photography. There is quite a bit of uproar about this which is understandable.

Having to get a release from everyone you photograph in the street will be impossible and will make street photographers think twice before they take a shot which may have been a great one.

So many historical photos that are iconic and allow us to remember events and the way life used to look like are at risk if photographers stop taking photos of people.

The last thing we want is a historical archive of photos of buildings and scenes with no people in them!

I’m not sure if a law like this is a knee jerk reaction the the paparazzi as that would be a shame. People do have their rights of privacy but a public space is a public space and that should include the rights of a photographer to take photos in and around it.

How else can we capture life in our images.

What do you think? Should these kind of laws be accepted potentially bringIng about the end of street photography. I think not and I hope not. Let’s hope common sense prevails.

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