Looking For Lines

Today, I am here to write about using lines in your photography. It’s something I have been experimenting with and doing more of lately. It is a powerful element to use that can add different dynamics like mood, balance and also the ability to lead

7 Smartphone Photography Tricks

Everyone is using smartphones to take photos on the run.  I came across this video on some really cool stuff that you can do when taking photos on your smartphone (none of which involves a selfie-stick). Give them a try the next time you shoot

Nikon recall D750 due to the flare issue

Overall the reports on the Nikon D750 have been very promising. I am planning to spend more time looking at the feature set on this affordable FX full-frame camera and will post more information that will hopefully position this camera high on the serious enthusiast

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Welcome to Some Foto Stuff

Well, it has to start somewhere, so here it is. We have talked for a while now about starting a blog about photography, photoshop, photo apps and any other random topic that we can some relate back to photography. Now here’s the thing, we all