I think I died and went to camera heaven.

Last weekend my daughter took me to the Box Hill Camera Market to look for a 2nd hand film camera to use for the photography course she is doing.

She already has my old Nikon F50 film camera but she has her eye on something really old style like the ones she has been using at school.

So we rocked up to the Box Hill Town Hall around lunchtime on Sunday, paid our $5 entrance fee and walked in.

Well, OMG, I thought I died and went to camera heaven! There in front of me was a massive room filled with just about every type of film camera you could imagine. It was amazing. I was like a pig in mud!

There was 35mm, plate, medium format even Kodak disk cameras there. I was particularly interested in the Nikon F3 and F5’s there selling for $200-$300. When I was young I used to dream about owning one of these but they were way too expensive. Only the press photographers could afford them.

It was like a photography museum. I was surprised to see how much of this stuff was still in circulation. It brought back a lot of fond memories of when I was getting into photography when I was young and used to obsess about all the pro gear.

Anyway, they hold these markets every so often. If you want to keep track of when the next one is then jump onto their Facebook page.

While you are in film mode also check out the sponsors of the Box Hill Camera Market, Film Never Die.¬†They have a shop in Parkville and also film and related products available on their website. It’s true… Film Never Dies. Hopefully!


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