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Side by side comparison of the same scene zoomed in and not zoomed in

To Zoom Or Not To Zoom

One of the first things I was told in photography basics was to not use zoom. The reasoning behind this was to get a beginner photographer to walk around more with their camera, to get in closer to their subject, and to find different, interesting

High Key Photography. Clearing It Up.

What is high key photography? If you Google it, you get a lot of mixed and seemingly inconsistent results. Some are black and white, some colour; some are low contrast, some high contrast; some are overexposed, some underexposed; some have white backgrounds, some don’t; some have

Interesting shadows cast by a wine glass with flower patterns on its cup

Photographing Shadows. Tips for getting started

Shadows are often something that is underappreciated in photography. When we look at an image, or the subject in front of our cameras, our eyes naturally focus in on the light in the scene. Our minds, too, are geared to think about what we’re looking at based on

A series of individual photographs taken to create a panorama

Panoramas. “How To” in Photoshop and Lightroom

Panoramas are typically wide, sweeping landscapes that encompass far more of the view than your camera can see in one shot. They are created by taking multiple photos of your view and stitching them together end to end to create one much larger image. Nowadays, there