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Review: Impact Air Cushioned Light Stand (8′)

I do a lot of my shooting on location with speed lights and either a soft box or an umbrella. Sometimes I have someone along to help me, but sometimes I’m shooting alone. This means a sturdy light stand I can rely on is absolutely


RAW or JPEG. When do you need to shoot RAW?

RAW or JPEG. When you are learning photography, whether in a course or teaching yourself, you will be taught that it is best to shoot your images using the RAW setting rather than JPEG. There is good reason for this but it is not a golden

Ezequiel Scagnetti Facebook Post

Harry Styles. Innocent or guilty of copyright.

It has been widely reported today that Harry Styles had posted a photo on his Instagram account that accumulated over 750,000 likes but was not his to upload. The image of a boxer was taken by Brussels-based photographer Ezequiel Scagnetti who called out Harry in a Facebook

Street Photography. An invasion of privacy?

i was just reading an article on Peta Pixel about a law that is about to be passed in Arkansas in the US that will almost outlaw street photography. There is quite a bit of uproar about this which is understandable. Having to get a

When is a photograph not a photograph but a photoshop file?

I read an article on PetaPixel the other day that was originally written and posted by Ugo Cei on his photography blog. The article was called “Will the real Landscape Photography Please Stand Up.” It was really interesting reading about the author’s thoughts regarding the

My Love for Black and Whites

For me, I love to take shots that tells a story or shots that make the viewer think and interpret the story for themselves. – Which leads me to the topic I am talking about today. Black and White. Black and white is a very