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Ezequiel Scagnetti Facebook Post

Harry Styles. Innocent or guilty of copyright.

It has been widely reported today that Harry Styles had posted a photo on his Instagram account that accumulated over 750,000 likes but was not his to upload. The image of a boxer was taken by Brussels-based photographer Ezequiel Scagnetti who called out Harry in a Facebook


Camfi. A hidden treasure in the world of wi-fi dongles!

We just received a wireless camera controller called Camfi. I was going to wait until I had enough time to do some extensive testing on this little treasure but I couldn’t wait to spread the news. This is a universal controller that works with most

Instagram Multiple Accounts

Instagram finally lets you to manage multiple accounts

My biggest gripe with Instagram is that there is no easy way to manage multiple accounts. In an age of social media, where many have to manage multiple accounts (a personal one, a business one, one for your blog, etc.) it made little sense why this functionality

I think I died and went to camera heaven.

Last weekend my daughter took me to the Box Hill Camera Market to look for a 2nd hand film camera to use for the photography course she is doing. She already has my old Nikon F50 film camera but she has her eye on something

Can a photographer sue if someone uses his idea? Ask Nike.

Ideas, styles and concepts are mostly intangible when it comes to copyright. Try trademarking a look. It’s not easy to do. So when New York photographer, Jacobus Rentmeester, filed a lawsuit against Nike contending that they have been unlawfully using his 1984 photograph of Michael

Nikon recall D750 due to the flare issue

Overall the reports on the Nikon D750 have been very promising. I am planning to spend more time looking at the feature set on this affordable FX full-frame camera and will post more information that will hopefully position this camera high on the serious enthusiast