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Magnum Photos – a hidden treasure.

They say you learn something new everyday. Well if I did I might be far more intelligent than I am but I did learn something today, and that was the existence of Magnum Photos. A collective of world renowned photographers, this organization is owned by

When is a photograph not a photograph but a photoshop file?

I read an article on PetaPixel the other day that was originally written and posted by Ugo Cei on his photography blog. The article was called “Will the real Landscape Photography Please Stand Up.” It was really interesting reading about the author’s thoughts regarding the

Can a photographer sue if someone uses his idea? Ask Nike.

Ideas, styles and concepts are mostly intangible when it comes to copyright. Try trademarking a look. It’s not easy to do. So when New York photographer, Jacobus Rentmeester, filed a lawsuit against Nike contending that they have been unlawfully using his 1984 photograph of Michael

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Welcome to Some Foto Stuff

Well, it has to start somewhere, so here it is. We have talked for a while now about starting a blog about photography, photoshop, photo apps and any other random topic that we can some relate back to photography. Now here’s the thing, we all