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Let's help Michelle after a fire destroyed her photographic business

PSA: Help SeaShell Photo Art rebulid

A quick PSA (public service announcement) from the team at Some Foto Stuff. I saw a post on Facebook on the weekend and after reading about the unfortunate situation that Michelle Andrews from SeaShell PhotoArt in the Whitsunday Shopping Centre found herself in, I wanted

Being mindful

Now, you may be wondering what the title of this blog article has anything to do with photography. This is something I’ve found that has not only improved my day to day life but I’ve realised the past couple months, it is also having an effect


RAW or JPEG. When do you need to shoot RAW?

RAW or JPEG. When you are learning photography, whether in a course or teaching yourself, you will be taught that it is best to shoot your images using the RAW setting rather than JPEG. There is good reason for this but it is not a golden

Turn Instagram and Facebook photos into ASCII art

I just learnt that Instagram and Facebook has an “easter egg” feature that converts your images into ASCII art. Basically, you can simply turn this: Into this: Apparently this feature has been around for a while, but has recently re-surfaced after Mathias Bynens discovered it and posted about

Ezequiel Scagnetti Facebook Post

Harry Styles. Innocent or guilty of copyright.

It has been widely reported today that Harry Styles had posted a photo on his Instagram account that accumulated over 750,000 likes but was not his to upload. The image of a boxer was taken by Brussels-based photographer Ezequiel Scagnetti who called out Harry in a Facebook


Camfi. A hidden treasure in the world of wi-fi dongles!

We just received a wireless camera controller called Camfi. I was going to wait until I had enough time to do some extensive testing on this little treasure but I couldn’t wait to spread the news. This is a universal controller that works with most

5 tips for finding the perfect wedding photographer

I’m getting married this year and one of the most important checkboxes that needed to be ticked was “who is the wedding photographer capturing the day?” There many professional wedding photographers and even more hobbyist photographers who can do a great job, but finding the

Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge – Bigger than Ben Hur

Earlier this year Dale Foshe of Dogwood Photography (a wedding photography studio in Wilmington, North Carolina) launched the Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge. It is designed to be a personal journey, rather than a competition. Dale has provided a list of 52 themes, focusing on

Street Photography. An invasion of privacy?

i was just reading an article on Peta Pixel about a law that is about to be passed in Arkansas in the US that will almost outlaw street photography. There is quite a bit of uproar about this which is understandable. Having to get a

I think I died and went to camera heaven.

Last weekend my daughter took me to the Box Hill Camera Market to look for a 2nd hand film camera to use for the photography course she is doing. She already has my old Nikon F50 film camera but she has her eye on something