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Side by side comparison of the same scene zoomed in and not zoomed in

To Zoom Or Not To Zoom

One of the first things I was told in photography basics was to not use zoom. The reasoning behind this was to get a beginner photographer to walk around more with their camera, to get in closer to their subject, and to find different, interesting

Image by Jan Hutter

Panning. Emphasising movement and speed

Panning is a great technique to really get across that feeling of movement and speed in an image. It is very easy in theory, but in practice it’s much harder. Not because the technique is hard, but because it’s hard to get just right. The idea is

High Key Photography. Clearing It Up.

What is high key photography? If you Google it, you get a lot of mixed and seemingly inconsistent results. Some are black and white, some colour; some are low contrast, some high contrast; some are overexposed, some underexposed; some have white backgrounds, some don’t; some have

Howqua River Victoria © Peter Barlow : Image Creator

Let’s take time for a little reflection.

A reflection in a landscape can be the difference between a really nice image and an amazing image. Picking the right time and the right location to get that amazing reflection is most important. Having some things on hand to help achieve the result you


RAW or JPEG. When do you need to shoot RAW?

RAW or JPEG. When you are learning photography, whether in a course or teaching yourself, you will be taught that it is best to shoot your images using the RAW setting rather than JPEG. There is good reason for this but it is not a golden

Importing photos into Image Composite Editor

Image Composite Editor. Creating panoramas for free

Panoramas are super easy to create in Photoshop and Lightroom (see the “How To” article here), but what if you don’t own either one? The good news is there are a tonne of free programs out there now that are dedicated to stitching your images

A series of individual photographs taken to create a panorama

Panoramas. “How To” in Photoshop and Lightroom

Panoramas are typically wide, sweeping landscapes that encompass far more of the view than your camera can see in one shot. They are created by taking multiple photos of your view and stitching them together end to end to create one much larger image. Nowadays, there

School or no school. Is a photography course needed?

My daughter starts her 2nd year of a photography course tomorrow. She completed her Cert IV last year and this year goes on to do her Diploma. She is doing it at the Photographic Imaging College (PICs). I am very happy that she is formalising her

Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge – Bigger than Ben Hur

Earlier this year Dale Foshe of Dogwood Photography (a wedding photography studio in Wilmington, North Carolina) launched the Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge. It is designed to be a personal journey, rather than a competition. Dale has provided a list of 52 themes, focusing on