Camfi. A hidden treasure in the world of wi-fi dongles!

We just received a wireless camera controller called Camfi. I was going to wait until I had enough time to do some extensive testing on this little treasure but I couldn’t wait to spread the news. This is a universal controller that works with most Nikon and Canon DSLRs (there is a list of models on their specifications page).


Nikon and Canon both offer their own versions of a wireless transmitter and I’m sure both do a great job. But not for a great price. The Camfi seems to be able to do all that is required and more for around $150. It’s surprisingly small and very light. You simply plug it into the usb port in your camera, install an app into your mobile device or laptop and start shooting remotely. It can be mounted on the hot shoe but doesn’t need to be (if you are already using it for your flash).


From the app you can use it as a LiveView viewfinder, control all your camera settings including focusing, exposure, ISO etc and you can even browse what is on your SD card on the fly without having to download anything. This feature in its own right is amazing as you can shoot and view the result without having to wait for a large RAW file to be wirelessly transmitted to your device before you can view it. Using it as a viewfinder when you are shooting really low to the ground saves you from lying on floor (which I find myself doing a lot!).

Another fantastic feature is the ability to share images that you have just shot on your DSLR to Facebook and Instagram from the app on your mobile. This I love in particular as when I am out on location shooting I regularly forget to grab a shot on my phone so I can post on social media while I am still on location. Now I can use the shots I have taken with my DSLR and post them straight online. The scope for this is endless.

As I said, I haven’t had enough time to really get into using it and checking out all the features yet but you can get all the information and where to buy from their website. I’ll post a follow up article once Ally (my daughter) and I have had a chance to have a good play with it.



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