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Turn Instagram and Facebook photos into ASCII art

I just learnt that Instagram and Facebook has an “easter egg” feature that converts your images into ASCII art. Basically, you can simply turn this: Into this: Apparently this feature has been around for a while, but has recently re-surfaced after Mathias Bynens discovered it and posted about

Instagram Multiple Accounts

Instagram finally lets you to manage multiple accounts

My biggest gripe with Instagram is that there is no easy way to manage multiple accounts. In an age of social media, where many have to manage multiple accounts (a personal one, a business one, one for your blog, etc.) it made little sense why this functionality

5 tips for finding the perfect wedding photographer

I’m getting married this year and one of the most important checkboxes that needed to be ticked was “who is the wedding photographer capturing the day?” There many professional wedding photographers and even more hobbyist photographers who can do a great job, but finding the

7 Smartphone Photography Tricks

Everyone is using smartphones to take photos on the run.  I came across this video on some really cool stuff that you can do when taking photos on your smartphone (none of which involves a selfie-stick). Give them a try the next time you shoot