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Being mindful

Now, you may be wondering what the title of this blog article has anything to do with photography. This is something I’ve found that has not only improved my day to day life but I’ve realised the past couple months, it is also having an effect

Tips To Improve Mobile Photography

I just stumbled across this post today which I thought I would share. More and more people are taking advantage of what their phone’s camera can do and then doing quick post editing in the ever popular Instagram. You can achieve some pretty damn good

David Airob inspiration

I was recently shown some examples of David Airob’s photographs. In particular, some of the shots in the video below has given me new inspiration to shoot this style while doing street photography. I constantly find myself finding new ways, new angles and new vantage

Food Porn

Food is easy to shoot. What I mean is that you have easy access to shoot it. Just bring your camera with you and you’re already half-way there. Learning a few tips and tricks will help you shoot mouth watering food shots. I’ve been experimenting

My Love for Black and Whites

For me, I love to take shots that tells a story or shots that make the viewer think and interpret the story for themselves. – Which leads me to the topic I am talking about today. Black and White. Black and white is a very

Looking For Lines

Today, I am here to write about using lines in your photography. It’s something I have been experimenting with and doing more of lately. It is a powerful element to use that can add different dynamics like mood, balance and also the ability to lead