Some stuff about us.

Well, it has to start somewhere, so here it is. We have talked for a while now about starting a blog about photography, photoshop, photo apps and any other random topic that we can some relate back to photography.

Now here’s the thing, we all love photography, we use photoshop every day in our jobs (and take photos for work sometimes too), and one of us used to be a professional photographer. But that doesn’t mean that we are going to try to tell you how to suck eggs. Far from it. We just want to post some stuff that we are talking about. Things we discover while we are surfing the net, the experiences we have when working or going on shoots, reviews and feedback on the products we come across or silly things that make us laugh.

We are guessing that you will find some of what you read here interesting and some will be pretty random, but you might also pick up a few tips and hints about photography and the digital imaging world along the way.

Anyway, we hope you like Some Foto Stuff that we post and connect with us through our social stuff. We hope this can become a bit of a community that feels comfortable in sharing their own stuff along the way, too.

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