5 tips for finding the perfect wedding photographer

wedding photographer

I’m getting married this year and one of the most important checkboxes that needed to be ticked was “who is the wedding photographer capturing the day?”

There many professional wedding photographers and even more hobbyist photographers who can do a great job, but finding the right photographer for you requires a bit of research.

So here are some tips that help my fiancee and I find our wedding photographer.

1. Pick a style you like

Before you even engage in photographers, you need to decide on the style of photography you prefer. Do you like more candid photos or more classic portraits? Do you like a dreamy romantic feel, a rustic vintage approach, or something more edgy?

Every photographer has their own unique style in which they excel. By having a preference for a particular photographic style, this will help you narrow down the list of many wedding photographers out there.

We used Pinterest to do our research to help find the style we liked. Pinterest is a fantastic tool to find and save wedding photos that you like, which will come in handy when you engage a wedding photographer.

2. Have a budget in mind

This is important. Weddings are not cheap and all costs add up. Setting a budget will help determine who will be your photographer of choice and what package you wish to choose.

With regards to the wedding photography packages, our order of preference was:

  1. Number of hours that the photographer will be shooting
  2. Digital deliverables (e.g. number of high resolution edited photos on a USB)
  3. Number of photographers/assistants
  4. Printed deliverables (e.g. photo albums, canvas prints, etc.)

We felt that what was most important for us was having the all the moments captured throughout the day. This is because we felt that we could always engage the photographer at a later date for any additional deliverables, but would never be able to capture those moments again.

3. Research wedding photographers online

Once you have a particular style in mind and a budget, go online and start viewing photos on websites, blogs, Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, Pinterest boards, etc. to find wedding photographers that you would like to engage.

However, don’t only look at their photos, but also read their reviews. Facebook pages and wedding sites are a great point of references for reviews, as well as asking friends/families for any recommendations.

Sites like Easy Weddings are great starting point in finding a list of local wedding photographers.

4. Meet up with short-listed wedding photographers

You must meet a potential photographer in-person. This allows you the opportunity to discuss with them what you envision, ask them questions about how they work, see more work and especially what they will deliver, and most importantly allow you to determine whether your personalities will mesh.

It is important that you select a photographer that you will be comfortable working with on such an important day, because the more comfortable you are the better the photos will be.

5. Try them out

So you have singled-out a wedding photographer and they are available, but you’re still not 100% sure. Why not try them out to see whether the are perfect for you?

Ask your photographer if you could do a pre-wedding photo shoot before you make a final decision. A pre-wedding shoot is usually a few hours long and will allow you to test the waters, ensuring that you are comfortable with the photographer, your personalities match and they deliver on what you want.

A pre-wedding shoot does come at an additional cost, but it’s a small price to pay to ensure that you’re making the right decision. In the end you have more memories that you can share with the ones you love.

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